Monday, 5 October 2009

The latest and greatest..

Bahaha I have 2 followers on my blog? Damn. Anyway, here is the latest and greatest. Only a few things back into party mode, juuuust when summer has finished and the weather has gone to shit. Another damn.
Also went to Tokyo. Soooo amazing.

Daria went back to Warsawa with Piotr...aww I miss her heaps!!!!


Im in the shop working aaaalot. My favourite customers!

My parents were in London for the weekend. Harrods, Hyde Park, Brick Lane...

Then I booked my flights to Tokyo and was there within 48 hours...Waaa!


We went to SAGLIFE office. Yoshi was amazing, such a great guy - and we chose styles for Shop 14.

The Dice x dice Exhib was fun - quite boozy... to launch 4TN and FGLDN clothing in Japan.

W-BASE was my fave shop by far! Moto, Yohei, all the guys were rad. Everyone just hung out the front and illed - their sticker collection is the best.

John Prolly one of my fave dudes..! Hanging out w-base..Him, Joe Brooklyn and Kyle Tracko were rad guys.

Duncan bought a WBASE hot pink cruiser. Niiiiiiiiiice

It was Matsuri festival time. Lots of men in shorty shorts

We were able to go Kalavinka!! Mr Tanabe doesnt do visitors that often, so it was amazing to be there. He showed us the moulds he has to make luggs,and also his first carbon frame. Dooooooope.

Hal looked after us so well. We went to the best food spots!

Bambi got some new kicks, by his friend Alexander Lee Chang who did a collab with Vans. Im not a massive fan of hi-tops but these are swish..

I tried 0% beer, what the hell! And Ted had Corona which comes with a sache of lime juice...!

Bumped into Paul from Melb outside W-Base...fucking rad!

Rip! interviewed him for Champfest. He's crazy!!!!

Dan...! Yay..

I love this shot. Sino won Hals alleycat in recorddd time.

Alot of drinking, hanging out, talking bikes, radddddd

Kinfolk is the best bar in Tokyo! The boys also sell Kinfolk frames made by Vivalo builder. Here - Ryan and John. And Maseo about somewhere. Great guys.

Races at CMWC. It was so much fun!!!! I dont think Ill go to next years in Sth America, but man it is fun!!

The boys

Yuki! I miss her!

Alot of people...

Everyone likes to drink..especially couriers ha...

Bambi reppin his bike...

Bike parking at CMWC...

Asahi from a vendo..

One of Andys photos - Out the front of Bored Workshop...Ted, Yuki and me..

And a lady had the craziest dog! Well cute, but I blame the owners..he is wearing JEANS.

We stopped by a temple. The stairs to get it to it were STEEP. Man! Ted bought some stuff for Poppy, while we watched the Coy get gnarly!

We spent a day visiting stores- so many good ones!
Out the front of Dreamworks. The Australian guys were so much fun! Andy Fyxamatosis, Casper and the other boys from Perth, and Ben from Melb, such genuine guys!!!

I got back to London Sunday morn 9am. Jas, Tom and I hit flower market and Brick...ahh sunshine!!!

I miss drinking in the sun!! With the homies. This photo could look abit more fun tho. Haha. Flic and Madga got there and then 14 held the party for the closing night of BFF. Alot of dancing..hmm...! Actin a fooooool.

Kane is over from Ads. Great to see him! Playin, keepin it cool...

We picked up a spare oven Sam had in his warehouse..dope. Tom rode it on the back of his trailer...which he MADE also. Tom is crazy!

Checked out Jody and Lukes design office just a few doors down for us..interviewing them for Champfest too..

Donlon Books on Broadway Market..sickest shop...picked up Bad Day Mag which is great, newest issue of Butt ONLY because its the straight issue and hilarious. Jack from Thomas St Post Office Store in Manchester sent me Reed Pages (feat. Joe from Brooklyn Machine Works...yay!) thankyou!!. Someone from Fixe dropped us some copies of the new mag. Its interesting. And Jitensha, amazing japanese mag with great illustrations!

I could live my life taking advice from Fortune Cookies. They are always RIGHT. Fuck!

Andy brought some stuff back for me from Tokyo. So sweet... Rip's book - RipZinger NYC...Copies of Common mag yaaaaaaaay.A copy of Frank151 extra yay. -They had the Frank issue when De La Soul guest curated in Kinfolk..RAD. Also, some cute socks, Benny Gold skate wax, Benny Gold wax glider (what doesnt he do?!) and to top it all off a cute note from Bambi and Yuki...that ones priceless!

Loads of mags including Japanese porn...really softcore! haha...not sure who brought this back, Andy or Ted, Im kind of worried...

On the other side of the world, my sister Jo has been making jewellery. Amazing. She's just been to San Fran, Phoenix, NYC and then back to San Fran!! (On the right is some nail oohla we got in Tokyo for Sharma - something WahNails never seen...!)

But yeah Tokyo was amazing. The people I met, illed with, mannn I feel lucky to have met them. Cant wait til everyone comes to visit us in London! I need to learn some Japanese...

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Roses really smell like...

You know how people write ' My ideal sunday would be...' well I was thinking about it - and its pretty much how I spend it every week.
Wake up, chuck the kettle on, tea, head down to Colombia Road flower market, coffee at Nick's, pick up some Peony's, head to Brick and check out what the china man has in parts, then look for a steel 1pound 15ml spanner (where have they all gone?!) get to work and chill all day. Afterward varies. Staying back at the shop, go to London Fields and drink in the sun, or just go home and watch a good doovd.

I got sunflowers this time. And a flower sculpture from that guy that does it for a buck and I usually say no to, but this time said yes. And I got a rose too infact. Just in black and white...

Lastly, just a heads up -

Gotta hype. Check iiiiit.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Wheels in motion..

So finally I am motivated. Finally!!! Fuck. Anyway things are underway for the magazine - I interviewed Sanna and Juliet yesterday - they were so great, couldnt have answered my questions better!

Got Peony flowers from the Colombia Road - so amazing - although they look better on my arm! Mmm maybe I should have got colour...

Went to Frith St after hours and Stefano tattooed me for his portfolio. I dont know why, as he is really really good already. And has only been tattooing for 5 months. So so good.

Met Dagmara today for PingPong. They had really good toilet paper and we need some...bahahaha steeping so low...! But the food and tea was worth it.

Stolenspace has been rented out for a few days and tonight was the launch for a new skateboard exhibition - kind of like No Comply but not. Stu's was the best by far!! Fuck yeah!! But Lucas Deverell's, was good too. I only met him today.

So much to do. So little time... And Issue 4 is ready to arrive on Friday..shit thats tomorrow? I think Ive already mentioned it looks like the best one so far. And in the background I can see Macaframa which has been out on DVD for only a little while, so I just getting your paws on that one.